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Welcome to Golden Sunrise Ranch

This site was last updated 11/13/17

We are preparing for a move to Maine and have been scaling down our herd.
We have 3 kids available from our last bottle baby batch of kids.
1 black pet-quality doe, 1 caramel wether-to-be and 1 black wether-to-be.
(The 2 boys will be neutered on 11/18)
All are 7 months old, pulled from Johnes negative dams at birth and bottle raised so extremely friendly. Current on all vaccinations.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


Contact Us

Gary and Michelle Fuchs

(Johnny, Kimie & Gavin)

Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Registered with the USDA as part of the Scrapies Eradication Program.

We are also registered with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

Premise ID #NJ5307 - We do not offer outside breedings.

We do screen for Johne's Disease in our herd.

Our testing is done through the Johne's testing lab at the Univ of WI


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